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Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend
Off to Templars for Anime night last night, more because I felt in need of real human company than because of anime, although Cowboy Bebop is interesting if strange. It does have that property that absolutely sets my teeth on edge though whereby defeat is constantly snatched from the jaws of victory. While I appreciate the irony, I'm simplistic enough that I like the main character's life not to suck all the time. I have real life for that.

However, quisalan brought a shiny work toy to show us in the form of a tablet computer. Wow, but those things have come on. I considered one when I was buying my laptop, but was put off by the small (10") screens at the time. The new generation have 12" screens, and in particular can be used standalone. It's much like having an A4 pad on your lap. The handwriting recognition mostly understands my scrawl, so is probably better than I am in that respect, but most importantly, I can get the screen close enough to see it well. The reason I have a 16" rather than a 12" laptop is to compensate for the fact I can't get close enough to the screen. When using the tablet in pen mode, that's no problem, and since the keyboard is detachable I can probably set it up to suit my own rather bizarre needs even when typing. (Keyboard further away than screen, in case you wondered.) If this thing had been around a year and a half ago, I'd have snapped it up.

So I'm left wondering if I can finance it as combination of birthday present, selling the monster laptop, which isn't really portable enough to lug about on my back, and scraping together a bit of extra cash. I was slightly embarrased by my level of technolust on seeing the sheer gorgeousness of this thing, but fortunately lanfykins was just as lustful, so it wasn't too embarrasing.

It did bring home to me that expensive tech is a much better way to my heart than expensive jewellery. I'm not sure what this says about me, other than that I'm a total geek, of course,
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