January 27th, 2005

Queen of Swords

Life's a tapestry

Patchwork Universe is coming towards the end of its beta test phase, and so now would be a very good time for interested people to sign up for the game proper. It's a collaborative storytelling game done through web forums, with an interesting universal metaphysics. It attracts a high standard of writing, and is a lot of fun to take part in. Have a look around the site and see if you think you'd enjoy it. There's room for pretty much anything you'd like to do within the setting, so feel free to take it as an opportunity to stretch your imagination.
Queen of Swords

Well, that was a little different

I've been having a little lie down after the exertions of going to the dentist this morning. Only I seem to have overslept past the cats' dinner time. Unsurprisingly they objected, but they've learned that jumping on top of me to wake me up doesn't get them food any sooner. So they decided to try a different tactic.

I'm not quite sure whose idea it was, but I suspect Nineve. She's always been the brightest of the four. Anyway, drifting in my doze, I am suddenly and surprisingly awakened by four cats sitting at equal spaced intervals on my bed. The sitting itself is not what has awoken me, though, rather the eerie discord that is four cats yowling in close harmony. Nineve took the soprano role, Cirrus the alto, Sirroco the tenor, and Merlin was singing bass. Whatever the rendition was, it was a little modern for my taste, although the fact that they all kept together throughout the more complex timing changes was actually very impressive.

After such a performance, it would have been rude of me not to show my appreciation, so I bundled off down the stairs, only to find that Merlin had already succeeded in tearing open one sachet of food with his claws, rendering its flavour labelling completely unintelligable, although at that point he seemed to have given up the hope of extracting the contents. I therefore fed them one packet of Hole flavoured catfood, and also served up with some Rabbit flavour that he hadn't succeeded in getting his claws into.