Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

Mmmm, cake!

So I'm getting fed up of my rather cobbled together wireless net, and specifically the fact it doesn't seem to like talking to the Tablet PC. (It authenticates but the tablet doesn't seem to notice that it's successfully done so.) I'm getting tired of all the usual maintainance crap involved in my homebrew Linux firewall and wireless AP, and decide to look into getting a box that's a wireless access point, switch, and router/firewall all in one.

The ASUS WL-500G was what I found.

Yes, it's a fully featured router/firewall and 802.11g Wireless AP with USB, which means that I can connect the USB ADSL modem I have lying around when I finally get *real* internet. Of course I think USB modems may not be supported, but it turns out it's an embedded Linux device with freely available source, so it does what I want out of the box, and can be tweaked if necessary.

That munching you can hear would be the sound of me having my cake and eating it.
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