Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

The plot (but not the poo) thickens

Merlin is in solitary confinement at the moment, well, sort of, because he seems to have lost the ability to use the litter tray. Today we had first confirmation that it's not working, and we're going to have to imprison him in an even smaller area - the downstairs loo. (The idea is that you give the cat only enough room for litter tray and food, so they have to get used to using the litter tray.)

Only I go to prepare the new, even harsher prison, and what do I see but kitten poo next to the litter tray. I'm not certain whether or not that was there when Merlin went into solitary. Also, the new mess appeared when Nineve was visiting kitty prison. So now I'm not sure if it isn't Nineve who's the culprit.

So for the moment, they're still in the library (Nineve hasn't shown any signs of wanting to leave today otherwise I'd have let her out). Gods why do cats have to be so cursed difficult?
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