Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

Something positive about a Tarantino film

I never thought I'd be saying this, but Quentin Tarantino directed a good film.

I'm referring to Kill Bill vol. 1. Now I've long thought that the best way to make a Tarantino script work is to get a real director to film it and change the ending. It worked for True Romance and Natural Born Killers, after all. To date his films have been self-indulgent film student drivel that I've really tried hard to find something likeable in and failed. So I'd avoided Kill Bill until now.

But I wanted something brainless tonight, and for some reason I picked it off the shelf at the library. I'm amazed, a Tarantino film that works, that appears arty rather than stuck up it's own arse, and is genuinely fun to watch. Why does it work? Simple, Tarantino stopped taking himself seriously and had some fun.

Kill Bill vol. 1 is a stupid film. It knows it is a stupid film and it revels in its own stupidity. The result is some totally glorious cartoon violence that's beautifully stylishly presented. He's also pared the story to the bare bones in order to concentrate upon the artistic direction of the film, so it doesn't feel flabby like Jackie Brown. Neither is it pointlessly confusing like Resevoir Dogs.

Maybe Tarantino is finally growing up.
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