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Film buff - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Film buff
Looking through the IMDB "100 best movies of all time", I see that I have watched about half of them. Lest you think this makes me film literate, I would note that the list includes the first three Star Wars films and "Finding Nemo".

This is why I hate "top x" lists. They're never my "top x", or even things I can agree with on a technical level but don't personally have much interest in (I suspect "Citizen Kane" may fall into this category.) They're also always heavily weghted towards current releases. "Finding Nemo" is a fun film, but a "great movie"? I think not. But then I've always dismissed the Star Wars films (yes, the original ones) as crappy kids films (I don't have anything against films primarily aimed at children, but they really don't seem to be able to have a universal appeal in the way the best children's literature does) which I imagine many on my friends list regard as heresy of the highest order.

I wonder why more of these lists don't have a "not in the last 5/10 years - it hasn't had time to see if it establishes itself as a classic yet" restriction.
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