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Naturally one would assume that a life of leisure would be a delight… - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
void where prohibited, except by law
Naturally one would assume that a life of leisure would be a delight and a situation to be envied. Not so, at least for your correspondent, who all to frequently finds herself at a loose end and uncertain how to fill those meagre hours of wakefulness that her delicate physical condition sees fit to alot her. Often a gesture towards self-improvement is thwarted by the pangs of tedious fatigue, and retreat to one's rooms for remedial slumber, despite being supremely dull, the only course available.

If however, fortune smiles upon one, and mental composure of a variety sufficient to engender activity of a non-trivial nature occurs, then there remains the thorny question of how best to occupy one's time. At best, a few hours of lucidity are available, and sadly the flexibility of mind of my younger days seems in part at least to have divested itself. Any cerebral activity therefore becomes a race against the twin opponents of fatigue and boredom. As one ages, there is, by the very nature of things, less novelty, and as such the grim spectre of boredom grows ever larger.

What then can be done in order to reverse these unfortunate circumstances? It would seem that application is the only solution that presents itself.
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