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Firefly / Serenity fans note - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Firefly / Serenity fans note
Serenity #1 (of 3) is now available from comic shops, published by Dark Horse. This fills in the period between the end of the Firefly series and the beginning of the film.

It even comes with 3 different covers so all you sad fannish types can pay for it thrice over. Mine has Inara on it (yum).

They got me to buy a bona fide comic. Kudos to them.
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From: suave_steve Date: July 20th, 2005 12:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mine will have a cover when it arrives.
karohemd From: karohemd Date: July 20th, 2005 12:30 pm (UTC) (Link)


I knew there was something. I guess I need to nip into FP soon.
neophyte_13 From: neophyte_13 Date: July 20th, 2005 01:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
We're waiting on my copy coming into the local comic shop... I've always teased Douglas relentlessly about being a comic book geek and then I went fangirly squee at him to get him to order it in...
fractalgeek From: fractalgeek Date: July 20th, 2005 06:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mine arrived last week. A quick flick was intriguing, but not the instant "grab me" quality of JMS's "Rising Stars". Still, I'll give it another read later....
sesquipedality From: sesquipedality Date: July 20th, 2005 07:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
It made me laugh a few times, but didn't really succeed in grabbing me. I put it down to the fact that I'm so non-visual it's very difficult for a comic to really get hold of me, although a few (Sandman, Strangers in Paradise) have succeeded.
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