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Victory is mine! - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Victory is mine!
So having ranted about the laptop, I appear (touch wood) to have actually fixed its overheating problems (possibly by hoovering the heatsink). The screen (more accurately the backlight) is still broken, but I can return to using the laptop as a development server and sandbox, which is good. Also, beat my network into further shape, and now have all the hosts on the VPN getting their own IP addresses. Fear me, for I have brought order where there was chaos, and finally fully integrated the VPN into the network properly. Of course, if wireless security wasn't such a joke, a lot of the purpose of the VPN would be unnecessary. Still OpenVPN 2 is now pretty darn easy to use (relative to OpenVPN v1, at least) and powerful. I should theoretically be able to access my home network from my (working) laptop whenever I'm on the Internet.

Of course, cross-subnet netbios browsing doesn't work. But that *never* works reliably. Oh, and Sony laptops are still a pile of shit I would never buy again.

I also appear to have completed my 1000th Folding@Home unit. Cute.
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