Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

Re-enactors - are they snobs?

Today I found a yahoogroup, Chirurgeons, aimed at re-enactors playing medics. I was looking for good sources for medical equipment, since I could do with some medical props for LARP. The site has a rather tortuous application process involving a questionaire. I didn't feel like I could mention my LARPing interests to them, since their blurb says "not SCA", which while not overly detailed, doesn't make me think they'd like LARPers so much. So I go on about my interest in History of Medicine and connections to the medical field as well as an interest in doing historical re-enactment. (It's certainly something I wouldn't mind trying, although I don't really have the time at the moment.)

Got this message back:

"Your profile does not fit that of this group which is designed for Re-enactors and Living Historians who portray medical practitioners from the past. If we have made a mistake please try and rejoin with more details of your re-enactment interests.

If you are interested in taking part in re-enactment we suggest that you find a suitable group by buying a copy of "Call to Arms""

Now since this supposed application process is ostensibly to weed out spammers, is it just me who gets the feeling that there's a distinct element of cliqueyness going on here. So I may not be interested in total authenticity in my portrayal of historical medics, but I certainly care about research and knowing as much as possible about what I'm attempting to portay. Basically I feel like they've told me I'm just not hardcore enough for them.

Well, fair enough. I'm not sure I want to hang out with a bunch of people that anal, but it really doesn't encourage me to get into re-enactment at all. So I'm wondering, what's the perspective from the other side of the fence. Why is my interest in the social aspects of living in the past rather than say complete authenticity of props and costume undesirable from the point of a re-enactor?
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