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Curses! - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
void where prohibited, except by law
As may be apparent from my last post, on the way back from Mirrormask (which did most of the right things yet still somehow left one feeling slightly unsatisfied) I got mugged by HMV. I normally buy off the net these days, but they had lots of stuff in stock that I wanted, including a lot of "The Magnetic Fields" back catalogue and Chumbawamba's "English Rebel Songs" which I've been looking out for for ages. Weirdly the 3 disc edition of "69 love songs" appears to have been re-recorded in 2004, so contains many subtly different versions of the songs as they were on the originals. Since most of the tracks aren't different, I'm a little confused as to why they did that.
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