Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

A brief pop in

Bad news: I am the ill, and thus won't be going to Shards this weekend on the grounds that it would pretty much kill me.

Good news: There seem to be many things in Oxford I would like to do this weekend. Apropos of which, has anyone got any spare Steeleye Span tickets? ETA they were still available at the Box Office, so I'll be going.

Oh, and so you know, I'm having a tough time keeping up with the CAB workload at the moment, which means I'm not very active around here. Apologies to anyone whose important news I've missed.

I'd like to see more people, but my energy levels aren't really up to organising my social life much at the moment, I'm afraid. Always happy to be invited to things though. Or phone/email and invite yourself to come and see me - I don't mind.
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