Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

Roleplaying joy

You know, it's games like last night's final session of Legacy that keep me playing, even when it sometimes seems like nothing can go right and I'm just wasting my time. It's an old cliche that you can't win or lose in a roleplay game, and in a sense it's not true - you can achieve your characters goals or not (in my case usually not). Rarely have I been so thoroughly shafted in a game as I was at the start of last night's session. Dishonoured and with an enemy about to take over my house (not to mention the man really responsible for my downfall possessing my daughter in ghostly form - gotta love those bastard GMs), I had initially been quite depressed about things, until I realised that as usual I was empathising too much with my character.

Then something just clicked and I realised that while she was disappointed that she'd been thwarted at every turn (and man did I wriggle hard to try to get her out of that) there was, mingled in with that, a strange sense of relief. She didn't really want to be the person she was trying so hard to become - she'd been, in effect, on autopilot. I then got to have at least five beautifully understated one on one scenes and set her off in a new and unlikely direction - TV stardom (which of course I'll never see the results of, but that's the way it is with roleplaying games).

Also got my Pyrates character sketch this morning. Yummy. Much frockage. Anyone know of any good historical dressmakers in Oxford?
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