Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

I know The Truth and I don't care

So today thanks to insomnia, I finally succumbed to my insaitiable curiosity and read The Truth, a contentious little document that seems to have violently upset a lot of fans of the SLA industries roleplaying game. No links here (it's easy enough to find if you want to read it) and no spoilers, just a small amount of commentary.

It's an internal document not meant for publication, and it reads like that. It's chatty and not polished. Big deal. It also doesn't make an awful lot of sense, but that's also likely to be a product of the above.

How much impact does it have on a SLA industries game? None whatsoever. The game plays as the sourcebook sets it out, and the lives of operatives are exactly as described in source. In short, it's completely irrelevant. While it explains some mysteries, they aren't really mysteries you need to have explained in order to play SLA.

In short, it's a half developed plot arc for SLA. No big deal, really. It's strange how people seem to assume that just because a developer wrote something, that's how it *must be* or that the underpinnings are fixed for all time, or that there's only One Truth. Possibly it's a problem with the rules-bound nature of roleplayers.

And yeah, it's pretty much what I expected. Some of it is even obvious (to me at least) from the main book.
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