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Zzzzzz - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
void where prohibited, except by law
Not been posting here much, as mostly I seem to have been occupied with work or sleeping. 14 hrs yesterday, 10 hours today, for example. Sleep that is, not work. I'm hoping that this is just my body finally recovering from the LARPing season and I will be on a more even keel soon.

Tiredness really does seem to be a big factor for me in general mood. I also appear to get more offensive when I'm tired. I suppose this is not uncommon, but I feel that in the past couple of weeks I've needlessly offended both friends and colleagues. Because I am me, and have the ex-catholic guilt complex in spades, this has bothered me a lot. Some day I may come to terms with the fact I'm not perfect, but that day will not be today. In the meantime, I have to move on, and hope that my charms (which I must confess are manifold) outweigh my occasional lapses.

If anyone is around, I wouldn't mind getting out of the house and doing some socialising.
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