Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

TV licensing

Gods TV licensing is a bloody poorly conceived tax.

Got the usual letter through today about how all people who don't have TV licenses are evil spongers and we'll be sending the boys round unless you fess up, you slag. It's so hard to be civil to these people but phoned them up to say "no, I have no TV receivers in my house".

Apparently they will send someone around to visit to confirm this. At this point, I felt obliged to tell them that although they can come around, I'm not willing to let them in. Doubtless I am now flagged as a trouble maker and will be thoroughly hassled by them from now on.

I did manage to stay polite at least. But the whole way they approach licensing just drives me crazy.

ETA Just to be clear - although I own computers, a DVD player and an LCD projector, none of these is capable of receiving a TV signal. Under UK law I do not need a license. The idea that someone expects me to let them into my home to prove this to them is just plain wrong and contrary to the principle enshrined in UK law of the assumption of innocence until proven guilty.
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