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Adventures in technology - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Adventures in technology
Well, yesterday was spent, naturally, assembling the Shiny (which in a tradition stemming back to 1994 is named after a cartoon character - in this case Varsuvius, as I've recently worked my way through Order of the Stick, although it's a pity that none of the people in xkcd have names). This was the usual mix of frustration and annoyance, although, in an odd break with tradition, no blood sacrifice, which will doubtless mean lots of trouble in the future (of which more to follow).

It took me about 8 hours in all to get the thing assembled, going slowly to avoid messing things up and getting used to all the changes in tech since I last built a PC. Mostly what seems to have changed is the amount of rubbish. I have a big cardboard box full of things I'm throwing away now.

Anyway, minor hitches such as the power supply being too long for the lower fan to fit in were dealt with with a minimum of fuss, and much time was spent frobbing cables in order that the whole thing not turn into an utterly hideous rat's nest. Various bits of hardware were screwed in to within their respective lives, and by the time markbanang arrived in the evening, all was up and running in a sensible fashion. He then pointed out that the case was pretty much designed for running a lot of the wires along the back of the motherboard to keep them tidy and out of the way. Oh for the brain of an engineer! Still, we frobbed things about some more, and now it's pretty tidy inside.

If only Vista were at all happy. Sadly the Intel matrix RAID did not seem to be working well. At first, I was tempted to blame Windows poor quality drivers, but it turns out after further investigation that one of the hard drives as seriously bad sectors, as in the disk is making clunking noises when it tries to access them. Guess that disk is going back then. *sigh* Told you there should have been a blood sacrifice.
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