Cassandra (sesquipedality) wrote,

Roleplaying quiz for Katherine Chandler

As requested by delvy, the roleplaying quiz for Katherine Chandler, my character from the Albion game.

1. Who are you?

What's in a name? In heaven I was known as Kariel. In hell, Kerinalamathatis. On earth, Katherine Chandler. All of these facts are true, and all of these are lies. I am more than the sum of my parts.

2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I suppose you might say that the Host were my siblings. But I prefer to think of myself as an only child. Katherine's mortal form had no siblings either.

3. How old are you?

Meaningless question.

4. What's your height?

Whatever I want it to be.

5. Are you a virgin?

*smile* Not even slightly.

6. Who's your mate/spouse?

I do not play well with others. My closest companion is a dragon who chooses to keep my company. I do not know why.

7. Do you have any kids?

What a disgusting concept.

8. What's your favorite food?

Fillet of soul. Since Katherine and I have been joined, I no longer partake, however.

9. Have you killed anyone?

I prefered to let them do it themselves, but I haven't been above interfering directly when it seemed appropriate.

10. Have any secrets?

Not any more. I got bored of secrets. My life is an open book. Of course it's up to you whether or not you believe that.

11. Do you love anyone?

No. It's a luxury I can't afford.

12. What is your job?

Guardian of the Duchy of the Sublime, the one place in the whole of Creation where no higher power may hold sway over the lives of its inhabitants.

13. Boy or girl?

Anthropomorphic personification, mostly. Although I suppose you could argue that my own essence is female. Especially since Katherine.

14. What do you do to relax?

I don't relax.

15. There's a person who's teasing you; what could you do?

At one time, I would have taken everything from them that they held dear, pausing only to ensure that they are forced to watch as it was destroyed in front of them. These days, I've mellowed.

16. Let’s say you have a person who you really care about but she/he doesn’t know about your feelings. How do you tell her/him?

The possibility that I'd ever be in such a situation is so vanishingly unlikely as to not be worth considering.

17. What do you regret most in life?

Nothing. I regret nothing.

18. Do you like your maker?

We're not on speaking terms. No. No I don't.

19. Do you dream?

My only dream is a reality. I have no need of dreams.
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