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Still not saying enough on LJ - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Still not saying enough on LJ
So, my potted life

- work, carries on much as usual. Big plans for the beginning of next year brewing in my head now. The fact that work is now "as usual" is something I often forget to be joyful about

- markbanang in Taiwan for two weeks (although they appear to have had considerable trouble getting him there). I am sulking

- My bike was stolen from the bike shed at work. Work insurance weaseled out of paying in that way insurance companies do. Since I've had it for ten years, even with the loss I saved money over having it insured, but still not happy. What I am happy with, however, is the Giant Expression N7-W, which is a gorgeously smooth ride.

- Maelstrom was merely OK. Too exhausted to get into it properly this time, and that seems to be so important.

- Feeling at a bit of a low ebb personally - while on the whole things are going well, I seem to be feeling quite isolated, like a ship passing through everyone else's life at a distance.

However, on the whole, much to be glad of. My entanglement with the benefits system seems to be largely at an end now, and largely resolved in my favour. I am good at at least large parts of my jobs, and on the whole content, although I can still manage to find plenty of things to whinge about. Almost afraid to count my blessings for fear something will come along to spoil it. Still, worry about bad things when they happen, I guess.
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