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Election Message - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Election Message
Tomorrow we get to choose who pays for the financial catastrophe caused by a bunch of people too blinded by greed to care about the long term consequences of their actions. We get to choose who will bear the brunt of that colossal mistake. I'm no fan of Labour, but they haven't been the ones to promise tax cuts for those least likely to be affected. I really wish I could see the difference between Conservatism (big 'C') as espoused by Cameron's slick PR machine and selfishness but I can't.

I don't feel comfortable suggesting how people vote. But I still feel that I need to say this. Conservative ideals at their best are about improving life for everyone by making wealth creation easy for everyone and that wealth trickling down. But the Tories as they currently stand seem to be to be about helping the affluent at the expense of the poor with a side order of thinly veiled homophobia under the pretence of (man-woman married) family values. You might disagree with my conclusions, but please, if you're considering voting Tory, take five minutes to consider if the policies that they stand for are really our best chance for getting out of the hole we're in at the moment. I honestly don't believe they are.
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