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Google Reader: A million voices cried out in anguish - Her Most Regal Majesty, the Queen of Snark
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Google Reader: A million voices cried out in anguish
From my social media this morning, it seems as though about 90% of you were using it, which (given its vaunted "social" integration) surprises me, as I thought it was just me.

My current favoured replacement is Feedly, which I have been using successfully on mobile for a week or two with some success, and is definitely my favourite mobile Google reader interface anyway. They say they will automigrate over your bookmarks as well, although I would take a backup anyway to be certain.

I am yet to love the desktop version, but it's early days yet. I do wish websites (LJ included) wouldn't assume a minimum width - I like to run my browser on one half of my screen so I can use the other half for something else, but many sites seem to assume a 1024 pixel minimum width, which is a shame.
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